Friendly Fire is a dialog-driven indie pixel platformer with metroidvania elements originally developed as a team effort for the game jam Ludum Dare #46 within three days.

Afterwards, the game was revisted, polished and published to steam as a free game. Additionally, the game can still also be played directly in a browser.

Friendly Fire throws the player into a mysterious land inhabitated by strange characters and unexpected twists of fate. Can you save the world from it's looming premonition?

  • Metroidvania-style pixel platformer
  • Handcrafted pixel art
  • Character customization
  • Original Soundtrack
  • A dozen of NPCs to interact with
  • Riddles and other challenges along the way
  • Witty Dialog
  • Multiple Endings
  • First blind playthrough takes about 30 to 60 minutes

The game is easily accessible for free via Steam or can be played in your browser.
In the latter case we recommend either Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.

Additionally, the source code is available on github!

All involved developers and helping hands are listed here ‒ sorted by last name.

Eduard But
Art Marketing Level Design Programming Music Scripting Writing
Nico Hülscher
Benjamin Jung
Programming Distribution Music
Nils Kreutzer
Programming Art Level Design Writing
Bastian Lang
Ranjit Mevius
Programming Writing
Markus Over
Programming Scripting Dialogs Writing
Klaus Reimer
Christina Schneider
Jennifer van Veen
QA Writing Art Level Design
Matthias Wetter
Music Programming Art QA
Vinnyis3 on

I love this game its the best game i've played on! i like this ending but im in the middle of it so i don't know what happens and the music is the best it just slaps!!!!!!!!!!!!

The game features an original soundtrack which you can freely download and listen to at your own leisure.

Cerulean Expanse (Title Theme) Composed by Matthias Wetter
Overworld Theme Composed by Bastian Lang
Raindance Theme Composed by Bastian Lang
Inferno Theme Composed by Bastian Lang
Dancing Tree Composed by Bastian Lang
A Vision of Fire (Acoustic version) Written and performed by Benjamin Jung, arranged by Eduard But
A Vision of Fire Written by Benjamin Jung, arranged by Eduard But
A Vision of Fire (Radio version) Written by Benjamin Jung, arranged by Eduard But
A Vision of Fire (Orchestral edit) feat. Odin Written by Benjamin Jung, arranged by Eduard But, performed by Odin (@TheFluffyBlue)
Cave Composed by Eduard But
Riddle Composed by Eduard But
Wings Original song 'Tsubasa o kudasai' by Michio Yamagami and Kunihiko Murai. Rearranged by Eduard But
Pause Theme Composed by Eduard But
Ecstasy Composed by Eduard But
Awake Composed by Eduard But